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#1 Le 24-10-2021 à 10h02

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The French player MonChaton just created a halloween contest and anyone can participate! Here is the translation:

Hi! The Halloween ball is coming and all cromimis can participate, they simply need to be dressed-up.

To participate you must:

- Dress your cromimi up.

- Send a picture of it on a white background preferably. (If you don't know how to make the background white just send me a screenshot of your cromimi and I will change the background color myself)

- Make sure your name is not written on the picture. (The participations are anonymous)

- Only send 1 cromimi.

- Send me your picture in a private message with a title and a "Hello".

- Send me your cromimi before Friday the 29th of October at 6h30PM (Paris Time).

- The polls will opene on Friday evening, you will be able to vote for your favorite cromimi.


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