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The French Cromimi player Kacahuete just created a contest! Here is its translation, anyone is free to participate, just send me your cages, I will translate your messages back to French and send them to her.
This Sunday, November the 21st will be the World Television Day!

Loved or hated, the TV became a very important object in our homes.

And our little Cros, just like us, can't resist it!

For this reason, I am organizing a contest. For this contest, you will have to decorate a cage using one of the two following cage backgrounds:

You must:
-    Use one of these backgrounds.
-    Decorate your cage and have at least one Cromimi in it.
-    Send me a screenshot of your cage before the end of November 25th. The title of the message has to be "World Television Day".
-    Make sure that the screenshot of your cage is anonymous, as the players will have to vote for the best cages without knowing who made them.

You will find some help to add a background to your cage in this spoiler if needed.

How to add a cage background

The polls will be available on November the 27th and 28th for the players to elect the 3 best cages.

The winner will win the following prizes:
* 1st: 6000MO + 30 VIP days
* 2nd: 3000MO + 20 VIP days
* 3rd: 1000MO + 10 VIP days

Good luck!


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