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Hey, I am so sorry but I do not speak French that well.
I just wanted to know something. I've been having some problems with having babys with my Cromimis, It says that they will birth in 0 days, and now I don't know what to do plis if someone could tell me what is happening thank u

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#2 Le 06-01-2023 à 12h06

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The births of some pregnants are blocked by a BUG since already several months: the main administrator must fix this problem!

But there is a topic where we offer a manual delivery if it is requested in the mission to pass a level, it is HERE, on the english forum....!

Otherwise, you can also go to the "L'ACTUALITE DU JEU", on the French part (higher on the forum) : there are topics of the stork who performs childbirth too.
Use an online translator to post in French (as I do here to answer you, since the English-speaking moderator Lily293 is temporarily absent) and also to translate the conditions to be able to post there!

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