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#1 Le 26-01-2023 à 18h35

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My only escape from reality since we got 3 dogs and sometimes I just want to pitch a treehouse or tent to get away from the chaos they bring, will only take my old dog not 9 month old pups (aussies) mom owns them and rarely takes them out... yet they got fleas, wish life was easier for me and them.

My cage is foe sale with account

$300 worth of my time + things like decor and all.. dm for it.

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#2 Le 26-01-2023 à 19h16

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Sur cette partie du forum, il faut poster en français : utilise un traducteur en ligne si besoin.

Et surtout poste sur le bon topic, sans ouvrir une discussion n'importe où pour dire n'importe quoi !!
Merci !

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